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Our Kaupapa

Unlocking, building landowner wealth

There are hundreds of whanau (family) owned and operated landblocks ideally suited for Micro-Agri-Biz developments that will sustain inter-generational socio-economic development in accordance with Tikanga.

Micro-Agri-Biz builds the middle class

Given access to capital, the rural middle class is the most efficient driver of whenua (land) income creation which in turn enhances whanau (family) wealth which sustains the kaitiakitanga (guardianship) platform for the future.

The middle class builds rural communities

"Build the middle class and you build a nation". Create the income producing opportunities needed to restore whanau wealth through the economic multiplier effect as discretionary income increases is the only way to rebuild communities economically marginalized by decades of primary sector industry consolidation in rural NZ.

Our $1B Co-Op revs up @ 233 Tipatipa Road

Kohumaru Manuka Station - 2,334 acres of wall-to-wall manuka


Covered in 30+ year old regrowth manuka, the foliage density per ha on Kohumaru is off the charts! 

Manuka on all sides of these tribal roads


Tipatipa Rd, note the thickness of the manuka bush!

Headed to Kohumaru Station


The first distillation unit is now under construction

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