US$1.5M Post Seed Capital Programs now open to Qualifying Parties

New Zealand P2P "Spread Group"


EzyXchange Ltd

Incorporated in the state of Colorado, USA, EzyXchange Ltd is registered with the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Division of Securities as a crowdfunding intermediary company. In NZ, the company works with an Auckland based FMA registered intermediary


Our "Spread Group"

Retail investors will be sought  in NZ through a crowdfunding campaign to provide a share price discovery and early stage P2P trading group of investors. Current planning envisions 1M shares in the NZ Co-Op being offered in CO once the Co-Op has filed its "Statement of Foreign Entity Authority" to conduct business in the State. Each retail investor will receive a first year dividend in the form of manuka oil health & wellness products in recognition of their early stage support for the Co-Op.

P2P Share Price Discovery

Through their trading activity, the "Spread Group" will help to establish share price discovery on a real time basis. This activity will be of great interest to the Co-Ops long-term "Grower-Producer" (transacting member) shareholders who will enjoy being able to see at any given time, what the market value of their Co-Op member shareholding is worth. Something that no Co-Op in NZ, (other than NZSX listed Co-Ops) have delivered to their members. For our Maori landowners, it will truly be a first thanks to modern day technology! 

P2P Trading

A member-only P2P trading exchange is the preferred share trading platform. This trading is planned to commence through a NZ based P2P platform.




Funds to be used to expand the fulfillment hub and pilot pop-up shop operations in Denver for the USMCA marketplace.

US$1M is the campaign quantum

With this capital, Linda will be upgrading the launch pilot fulfillment hub as well as the Maoritanga themed health & wellness retail manuka conxumer products shop.

250+ shareholders is the target

If the number of shareholders exceeds this figure, no problem. The plan is to secure support with early stage retail an accredited investors whose activity will help determine share price discovery for trading.

Our Maoritanga themed retail shop concept

This is the interrior of a "wharenui" - a Maori meeting house in Aotearoa/NZ


An amazing experience in real life - coming to Denver should our crowdfunding campaign succeed

Possibly a second shop too?


Of course, this will depend on the success of the pilot shop

Carrying our Tribal branded range


Our crowdfunding campaign (if successful) will expand the product range