US$1.5M Post Seed Capital Programs now open to Qualifying Parties

100,000 Manuka Honeyhuts in one decade

Smart IOT revenue-sharing HoneyHuts can be purchased by honey lovers from around the world


20 year revenue sharing contract between the landowner (70%) and the investor (30%) of the Annual Farm Gate Price for the raw honey. Assuming 40 kgs of raw honey production per HoneyHut PA, the investors ROI is forecast at 27% in year one.

"The Journey" is name of this HoneyHut


The HoneyHut series is based on the arrival of the legendary waka "Mataatua" that landed "Out East" nearly 1,000 years ago

Our nursery landowners personal "HoneyHut"


Rickson Brown and his whanau own the whenua that supports the macadamia nursery operations in Whanarua Bay.