US$1.5M Post Seed Capital Programs now open to Qualifying Parties

Our investment library has two departments. One has public access. The other is password restricted.

In the free access division, a visitor can view brochures, notes and general info relating to the Co-Op and its mahi (work). The other division is commercially restricted, requiring either (1) a password or (2) both a password and an NDA to access the documents that are available only to visitors whom we know and are legally permitted to view documents in our cloud  library.

But our capital offer library is restricted

The Private Placement Memorandum's (PPM's) for the private placement of up to 5M Convertible Capital Notes by way of two Rule 501 compliant rounds in NZ Resource Taonga Corp, (a Colorado corporation), are listed  below. The offerings are for (1) a post-seed round of US$500k and (2) a series A round of US$1M directed to Qualifying Investors in the USA. Any prospective investor in any other jurisdiction (e.g. Aotearoa/NZ) who may have an interest in participating in an investment into the manuka essential oil sector is invited to speak to their legal counsel to see if they qualify for access to any of the documents listed below. Except where indicated, all files listed below require a Password to gain cloud access. In some cases, an NDA is also required to be executed to ensure compliance with Regulatory requirements.

US incorporated for good reason.

Bringing the worlds most trusted provenance to the worlds largest single economy - the USA.

Our investment offering can be discussed with our team in the Denver office but hey, please call and make an appointment to ensure a great coffee on your arrival.

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